Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Real Men Use Stationery

Guys, don’t let anyone tell you that stationery is unmanly. Especially letterpress stationery, which is made through a process that can’t be called “dainty.” Precise, yes, but not dainty. After all, a letterpress machine is exactly that: a machine, with a wheel and gears and other heavy-duty moving parts.

Because the process requires thick paper, letterpress stationery feels substantial. It makes an impression on the recipient, no pun intended. For custom orders, such as event announcements or business correspondence, consider an understated paper color like pearl white combined with a clean font and classic ink colors. The result is inarguably elegant.

At Bartleby’s Letterpress Emporium, we carry cards that appeal to a variety of personalities, including non-sentimental folks of any gender. Our line of Letterary Press cards, for instance, features many quotes by literary giants known for their wit or straightforwardness, paired with classic illustrations in bold or earth-toned colors.

A few examples:

Freedom lies in being bold. (Robert Frost)
Virtue has never been as respectable as money. (Mark Twain)
I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy. (Dorothy Parker) (insert)

If anything is the opposite of a mushy greeting card, it’s probably one with a pun. We have those, too, including a design pairing an illustration of a vacuum cleaner with the words “some things just suck” and another with a stove and the caption “you’re hot.” In fact, we have enough “punny” cards that we sell them as a pack.

Plus, we have beer-themed “Quotesters,” coasters printed with literary quotes. See? Manliness guaranteed.

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